The Inspiration of London Praise Festival

Posted on 23rd June 2016


London Praise Festival is the story of what my mum would say, build an altar of praise for the Lord. London praise festival is about an evangelical outreach in songs and testimonies, giving the Lord unreserved and limitless praise & worship.

After participating in a 12 hour praise event held by a church, I left when they cleared up totally filled with joy. The following year they didn’t have it again and I was upset.

I’ve been a fully dedicated Praise & Worship team member, for over 17 yrs. During that time I’ve realised that all I want to do is worship and praise the Lord all the time – and I really mean all the time. At my business premises I play gospel songs unending. I believe there is a spiritual calling upon my life to praise the Lord and raise up a praise alter and I am not the only one that feels that way.

I thought I had to be perfect to start but following an operation I made a pledge for the Lord to give me a second chance. The Lord is not looking for a perfect voice but a broken and contrite heart. I wasn’t content with the usual 15mins of praise and worship to the almighty father during normal church service, so time needs to be set apart for the Lord to dedicate to him and minister his words and promises in songs.


Upcoming passionate praise & worship men and women need to be able to grow in ministry, we don’t need titles to do what we’ve been called to do. So I call all upcoming artists, just as David wrote so many psalms in the bible. Yes, we have many that write lovely songs to the Lord and need gospel singers, some can sing and need good song writers and are stuck. They want to make melody and need help. Some need good producers to help them, some even need help to stay and usher people into the Lords presence. London Praise Festival has been birthed for people that really want an atmosphere whereby they can go to praise the Lord – LIMITLESSLY.

I’ve been blessed by God and believe my income is not just for myself and fashionable taste, it’s for the Lord almighty, that’s why we are sponsoring some charities that are close to my heart. Artists have been carefully selected by various ages, capability and have a great passion for praising and worshipping the Lord.

London Praise Festival promises to give a fully engaging experience that cuts across all generations. You will be fully occupied, and led by them. Kindly share the good news using #LondonPraiseFest and come on June the 25th with an open heart to enjoy yourself in the presence of the Lord.


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